DNA Paternity Testing

Get the truth.

Genetrack is the trusted name in Saudi Arabia for premium DNA testing services. With the latest state-of-the-art technology and over 100,000 cases processed annually, Genetrack is the reliable choice for Saudi Arabian clients and has provided Saudi Arabian clients with the highest standards in laboratory testing, with the latest technology, strictest quality control and unprecedented service and reliability.


Accreditation is important to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality testing. Recommended by Lawyers and Physicians across Saudi Arabia.

Warning, beware of Brokers! Brokers are NOT laboratories. Brokers pretend to be DNA labs, but are usually owned and operated by private merchants who set up online stores to sell DNA tests and then pass your samples to another laboratory for testing. Do not be misled. Brokers resell DNA tests and make a profit from the sale and my include hidden fees after you order your test. Even if a broker is able to match the price of a real DNA lab, it is unlikely that they can match the quality of testing and accuracy.

Always deal directly with the DNA testing laboratory to ensure that you are receiving the best pricing and service. Genetrack is one of the largest DNA testing laboratories in the world, performing over 100,000 tests annually and services legal clients, including government immigration cases for over 60 countries worldwide. Genetrack is ISO17025, AABB, CAP and CLIA accredited. Always deal directly with the DNA testing laboratory.